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Alternative Energies

At Glenn's Eclectric Motor & Supply, we constantly search for the newest and the best types of motors and pumps to serve your needs. When it comes to quality windmills for "off-the-grid" power needs, Aermotor Windmills have been providing windmills for more than 100 years.

alternative power for pumps

If you are on the ranch, farm, or at your cabin in the mountains, we can get the alternative source for your power; windmill or solar.

Our team sells solar water pumping systems, solar water pumps, solar water well systems and solar water well pump. We sell solar power water pumps for livestock wells. We are experts in solar water pumping and system building. Solar well pumps are our specialty but we sell all styles of solar water pumps and build solar water pumping kits for all types of applications.

alternative solar power for pumps

We have easy to size and install solar water pumping kits to make it easy for you to tell which solar water pump system you need. We take the guess work out of solar water pumping!


alternative solar power for pumps
alternative solar power for pumps


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